Monday, September 17, 2018

Guest Blog from a WOW Observer

I have a huge passion for the weather and I have always had weather stations whilst growing up, starting with the basic rain gauge and outside thermometer to now owning a “Netatmo” Smart Weather station kit, which is an all singing and dancing wifi and smart phone enabled device.

The reason I got this weather station was the ease of being able to see my weather data straight from my phone, no matter where I am. I also really enjoy sharing my weather data with other people and have created a Twitter account @CranbrookWx where my data is fed into tweets for all to follow and view.

I then discovered that with a little programming my Netatmo Weather station could be linked to the Met Office WOW website and my data could help contribute to observations.
I found it very easy to create my WOW profile and account, even giving the details on how exposed or not my weather station kit is. However, I did struggle slightly setting up the correct coding for the program to run between my Netatmo weather station and the WOW website. I was then pointed in the direction of a website called “” where all I had to do was link both my Netatmo weather station details and my WOW details together on the website and then it did all the hard work for me. Now my data automatically appears on the WOW website with ease. As my weather station is permanently connected via wifi there are no breaks in observations to WOW. I have also set up my account on WOW to public so anyone who is on there can see my observations, which are updated frequently, and compare them to nearby values too.

Note from the WOW team: We are always interested to add to the list of useful third party software on our support pages. Share your experiences in the comments below to help other users link up with WOW!

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