Thursday, August 30, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m having problems logging in to WOW 

If you are having problems logging in please contact our Weather Desk. Contact details can be found here: 

2. Where do I find my Authentication Key? 

To upload any data either automatically using your Automatic Weather Station or using the bulk upload function the Authentication Key must be set. To do this on your site page press Edit Site and then scroll down to section 2 with the Site Details. Any six digit number of your choosing can then be set as your key. 

Figure 1 – Site Page 

Figure 2 – Edit Site page 

3. What times/units are exported files in? 

Within the dashboard page for the site you want to export data from, select the Table view. Select your required start and end dates (Up to a maximum of a 31 day period) and then select the observation parameters you would like to view on the 'Observation Options' dropdown. This will then give you a table with all the requested values. 

If you select the 'Export' option rather than 'Update Table', a CSV file will be downloaded containing all this data. The times on these files are always in UTC regardless of the timezone of the station, or if daylight savings is enabled in the WOW settings for that site. 

Regardless of the settings for the site, the temperatures are always exported in Celsius, rainfall in mm, rainfall rate in mm/hr, snow depth in cm and wind speed/gusts in knots (Where 1kt = 1.15mph / 1.85km/h / 0.51m/s). 

Figure 3 – File export (Columns with a parameter not being reported by this station have been hidden)