Monday, November 19, 2018

WOW Developments

The WOW team at the Met Office are continually working to improve the website. A lot of the changes we make are in the background, but you may have noticed a couple of the more recent developments to the map visualisations. 

Based on feedback from users we have made some changes to the map layer for wind speed/direction. The map layer originally looked like this:

The new visualisation looks like this:

The number of categories has been increased from 5 to 8 so it is now easier to pick out where the strongest winds are at a glance.  The new categories have roughly been based on the Beaufort wind scaleThe yellow circles showing where the wind is being reported as calm are still there, but are less dominant on the map.

We have also added a new map layer, showing observations of Dew Point Temperature. This is a measure of humidity  and tells us how close the air is to being saturated. This information is useful to meteorologists to help identify different air masses, and for forecasting dew, frost, and mist or fog. 

The option to provide feedback on WOW is in the footer of each page on the website, just click on the 'WOW feedback' link at any time!