Monday, June 8, 2020

Attention UK Weather Enthusiasts

You may have noticed the two new links that have appeared at the top of the WOW Blog. These may be of particular interest to UK weather observers and enthusiasts, we hope you will find both interesting and useful;-

Daily Weather Summary

As the name suggests 'Daily Weather Summary' holds daily weather summaries from 1860 up to current day. Note these are a monthly publication and are usually available on the website around 6 weeks after the end of every month.
Each summary provides an overview of the weather conditions across the UK for each day based on observations from the network of Met Office synoptic and climate stations, including from our official network of Voluntary Climate sites. Each day includes a table of daily extremes for the UK for key climate variables including temperature, rainfall, sunshine and gust speeds.

 UK Climate Maps and Data

Here you will find a host of fascinating information relating to the UK climate, again all reliant on our network of official observing sites including Voluntary Climate sites, some of which have been recording weather information on behalf of the Met Office for in excess of 100 years. A particular highlight here is the UK Actual and Anomaly Maps section which takes you to a collection of gridded maps derived from Met Office and official Voluntary Climate site data which is interpolated to provide coverage across the UK of up to 1kmx1km resolution. Maps are available for daily, monthly, seasonal and annual timescales, as well as long term averages.

For more information about how the data from our Voluntary Climate Network, usually submitted through WOW, is used please see this blog post.

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