Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Global Map Product from the Met Office

The Digital team at the Met Office are continually working to improve our website. They would like to let you know about a development that has recently been introduced.

This new product has been produced following feedback from users of our website who have a heightened interest and knowledge of the weather, who asked us to develop a more expert product for our external website. 

This new pioneering product is aimed at weather enthusiasts, like those in our WOW community, who are looking for a greater level of detail to help make informed decisions about the weather.

Global Map (Beta) is a new global map visualisation product that will allow you to visualise global model output from the Met Office, and some other centres, in one place. Global Map showcases a wide range of data including other providers models, such as Global Forecast System (GFS) and ECMWF.

Global Map landing page showing accumulated precipitation from the Met Office Global Model

So, what will you be able to see?
Through the Global Map product, you will be able to see the following data:
  •          Met Office 17km model data
  •          Met Office 500m radar
  •          ECMWF IFS Model data
  •          NCEP GFS Model data
  •          Satellite observations

Along with the following weather layers:
  •          Accumulated precipitation
  •          Mean sea level pressure
  •          Total cloud cover
  •          Low cloud cover
  •          Medium cloud cover
  •          High cloud cover
  •          Temperature
  •          Relative humidity
  •          Wind speed
  •          Wind gusts

Wind Speed Layer 

Temperature Layer 

We have launched this new product as a Beta, which means that it is not an operational service, and what you will see could be subject to change or even removal at any time. However, this phase gives us the opportunity to continue to get feedback from you and gradually improve the service over the coming months.

If you do have any feedback please complete the survey that can also be accessed from within the product.